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Finding scene setters at wedding venues

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Heart shape made out of branchesA Ponderosa State Park wedding in McCall IdahoA Ponderosa State Park wedding in McCall Idaho Just like in the movies or a good article in a magazine, all should have one element in common: They should all open with what is known in the industry as scene setters. Scene setters help to do just what the title says, set the scene for a given situation and let you know what the content is about. For a western movie, the opening scene could be a wide vista of Monument Valley. For weddings, Pro Image is always looking for scene setters for our clients at their venues for both opening photos for their wedding slideshows and as an opening spread in their wedding albums. This wedding heart served as a great scene setter for their wedding album and their wedding slideshow. The heart or heart shapes serve as a great symbol of what a wedding day is all about: A symbol of a couples commitment and love for each other.

Boise Wedding Cake Bakeries

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Wedding cakeBoise Wedding CakesBoise Idaho Wedding Cakes If there is one thing for sure, wedding cakes come in all sizes and shapes. "Boise wedding cake bakeries offer many options" says Robert Allen, Lead Photographer for Pro Image. "We have seen a variety of them over the years, from simple 3 tier cakes like what is pictured here to one over 6 tiers tall and can serve hundreds of hungry wedding guest". “Were lucky because Boise has lots of competition when it comes to wedding cakes so pricing is reasonable and quality is high for the most part" Robert says.

Boise Engagement Photographers

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Boise Engagement PhotographersBoise Idaho Engagement Photographer Yes, it's engagement season! Boise wedding and engagement photographer Pro Image provides engagement sessions that don't just produce memorable engagement photos, they also provide memorable experiences. "They are just plain fun" says Robert Allen, lead Pro Image photographer. "We really strive to make them enjoyable for both the bride and groom. Most engagement clients have very little experience in front of a camera. Making it light and fun encourages real and natural expressions which produce images that our clients love” says Robert.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pro Image Photography Selected as One of the Top Boise Wedding Photographers.

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Pro Image Photography one of the top wedding photographers in BoisePro Image Photography one of the top wedding photographers in Boise Idaho

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pro Image Photography Selected as One of the Top Boise Wedding Photographers.

Pro Image is among the top 19 wedding photographers in the Boise Idaho area as selected by the website "We are super excited to be included on such a prestigious list" says Robert Allen, Lead Photographer. "This was totally unsolicited by us. We didn't even know this list existed. We were notified by a client of ours" says Robert. Robert goes on to say "It's extremely rewarding when all of our hard work pays off and gets noticed". Each of the photographers on the hand picked curated list were evaluated on reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism. You can visit their website at

Pro Image wedding guest photos

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Wedding guestBoise wedding guest photosBoise Idaho wedding guest candid photos One of the things that separates Pro Image from other wedding photographers is our wedding guest candid photos. "Wedding day guest Candid’s is our specialty. We book many weddings just for this reason" says Robert Allen, Lead Pro Image Photographer. "For many wedding guest, this is the best photo that has or will be taken of them. We capture natural expressions and smiles while guest mingle with others. Wedding guest love seeing themselves presented in such a professional and natural way" says Robert.

Chateau des Fleurs outdoor garden for weddings and engagements

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Chateau des Fleurs weddingsChateau des Fleurs wedding photos The Chateau des Fleurs, a premier event and wedding venue in Eagle Idaho. Their formal outdoor garden in the back of their beautiful building is coming along slowly but surely. Camille Beckman, principle owner and manager, says "The garden has about 3 more years to maturity". I agree but it sure looks like it has some potential for this year during the warmer months that are (hopefully) coming up. This should be a great place for engagement sessions and styled shoots. But, before you head over to the property and start shooting, Camille says they now require a property release for all shoots on the property for non-clients. The Chateau is a venue for banquets, weddings, receptions, meetings, and other special events and features an onsite French restaurant, Le Coq d’ Or.

Pondarosa Park Idaho wedding photos

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Bride and groom photoPonderosa State ParkPonderosa Idaho State Park A classic Ponderosa State Park wedding. "The large mature trees in the park provide covering from the direct sun during the afternoon and evening, providing even lighting that is so desirable for bride and groom portraits" says Robert Allen, Pro Image Lead Photographer. "After a long wedding day, this Pro Image couple still looks great. The shade from the trees helps keep everyone cool on an otherwise warm day" says Robert. 

The Rose Room wedding photos

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The Rose Room wedding photosThe Rose Room Boise weddings

"We thought there was no place to go" says Robert Allen, Lead Pro Image Photographer. "We wanted to take some nice creative photos and the venue was the Rose Room in Boise Idaho. After scouting around, I found this hallway right outside and down the hall from the Rose Room with this Incredible natural light poring in. I gathered up the bridal party and quickly assembled everyone behind the bride. This turned out to be one of her favorites. The moral of the story is never give up when trying to find the perfect location for a great shot."

Meet Boise's newest wedding venue, The Inn at 500 Capitol

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Boise, Idaho HotelThe Inn at 500 CapitalThe Inn at 500 Capital Boise Idaho

One of two main sitting rooms in the main lobby at The Inn at 500 Capitol

Boise HotelThe Inn at 500 capitol, Boise IdahoThe Inn at 500 capitol, Boise Idaho photos

Artwork at one end of the main lobby at The Inn at 500 Capitol

Hotel photos Boise IdahoThe Inn at 500 Capitol PhotosThe Inn at 500 Capitol Photos Boise Idaho

See-through fire place divides the main lobby into two main sitting rooms at The Inn at 500 Capitol

HotelThe Inn at 500 CapitalThe Inn at 500 Capital Boise Idaho

A guest checks out at The Inn at 500 Capitol

HotelThe Inn at 500 CapitalThe Inn at 500 Capital Boise Idaho

Our room at The Inn at 500 Capitol

Pro Image participated in an exclusive soft pre-opening of Boise's newest hotel and event center, The Inn at 500 Capitol. The hotel will have its grand opening on Feb 10th. “I will have more about the Capitol Room, their main event room, in another post later this month” says Robert Allen, Lead Pro Image Photographer. Robert continues “Our stay at the hotel was excellent. It provided us with all the amenities that you would expect from an upscale boutique hotel.” The hotel also features Richards Restaurant. Richards can provide catering for all events and weddings.

Boise wedding photographer at the Garden City Idaho Library

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Garden City Idaho Library PhotosGarden City Idaho Library wedding photos Even in single digits, the wedding day must go on as planned. "It's a very cold morning in January. The bride kept her robe on until the last minute before we started to shoot the bridal party. It will provide a funny story in 20 years that they can look back on" says Robert Allen, lead photographer for Pro Image.

Boise Train Depot Wedding Photos

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Boise Depot WeddingBoise Depot Wedding PhotosBoise Idaho Depot Wedding Photos A Pro Image Boise Depot Wedding. "At Pro Image, were known for our closeup action shots" says Robert Allen, Lead Pro Image Photographer. "However, there comes a time when you need to pull back and show the complete overview. When closeups and overview shots are combined, they help complete the wedding day story" says Robert.

2017 McCall Winter Carnival Photos

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McCall Idaho Parade Photos2017 McCall Winter Carnival photosMcCall Idaho Winter Carnival Mardi Gras Parade photos Crazy as usual at the 2017 McCall Winter Carnival Mardi Gras Parade. "This is our 20th year at the parade" says Pro Image Lead Photographer Robert Allen. "I have photographed many Winter Carnival parades over the years in McCall. There all crazy fun." says Robert. "Each one is different. The crowd, the characters, the weather, all make each year unique."  On assignment for the Idaho Statesman for last year's parade resulted in a front page photo in the following Sunday addition. "Producing content worthy of the front page Sunday edition comes from Pro Image's deep extensive event photography experience" says Robert. For the complete 2017 McCall Winter Carnival Mardi Gras Parade gallery, go to The McCall Idaho Winter Carnival Photos

Saint Michael's Episcopal Church Wedding Photos

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Church photoSaint Michael's Episcopal Cathedral Boise Idaho wedding photosBoise Saint Michael's Episcopal church wedding photos Instead of the normal roadside view that most wedding photographers would have taken, Pro Image composed this shot of Saint Michael's Episcopal Cathedral in Boise Idaho in a unique way. "By framing it with trees and shrubs located across the street at the Idaho State Capital building grounds, It allowed us to soften the view by eliminating cars and street lights that normally would have been included with a shot like this" said Robert Allen, Pro Image's Lead Photographer.

Boise Idaho Portrait Photographers - Hotel 43

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Boise Pageant photosBoise Idaho Portrait Photographers at Hotel 43Miss USA United Nations cultural pageant photos This Pro Image portrait was taken at the top of the Hotel 43 parking garage in downtown Boise. "We were going for an urban look. We wanted to give the impression that the photo was taken in a much larger city than Boise. I think we accomplished that and more" says Robert Allen, Lead Photographer on the photo shoot. These shots will be used in the Miss United Nations USA pageant.

Boise Snowpocalypse photos

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Boise Snowpocalypse 2017 winter snowstorm photosBoise Snowpocalypse 2017 photos winter portraits at Kathryn Albertson Park

Real snow, Real weather, and Real cold. Leave it to Pro Image to keep shooting, even during a Boise snowstorm! "This photo shoot yielded spectacular snowy photos, just what I was looking for to be added to the Pro Image portraiture portfolio" says Robert Allen, Lead Pro Image Photographer. This photo was taken during the Boise Snowpocalypse 2017 or Snowmageddon 2017, a historic and record snowfall during January, 2017.