Finding scene setters at wedding venues

March 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Heart shape made out of branchesA Ponderosa State Park wedding in McCall IdahoA Ponderosa State Park wedding in McCall Idaho Just like in the movies or a good article in a magazine, all should have one element in common: They should all open with what is known in the industry as scene setters. Scene setters help to do just what the title says, set the scene for a given situation and let you know what the content is about. For a western movie, the opening scene could be a wide vista of Monument Valley. For weddings, Pro Image is always looking for scene setters for our clients at their venues for both opening photos for their wedding slideshows and as an opening spread in their wedding albums. This wedding heart served as a great scene setter for their wedding album and their wedding slideshow. The heart or heart shapes serve as a great symbol of what a wedding day is all about: A symbol of a couples commitment and love for each other.


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