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Why should we choose Pro Image Photography over other photography services?

Very simple: Trust. You only have one wedding day. There are no retakes. There are no second chances. There are no do-overs. There is only one chance on a busy wedding day to capture brilliant photos, emotions and candid's of guests. Our portfolios demonstrate that you can trust Pro Image on your most important day!

I noticed your slogan is: Real Weddings, Real Reviews, Real Happy Clients. Can you explain what these mean?

Real Weddings: If you are considering other photographers, ask them how many photos are in their portfolio that were produced from stylized photo shoots. Photos from Stylized photo shoots are photos that weren’t captured during a real wedding day. Unlike a busy wedding with limited time constraints, photos from a stylized photo shoot are created with no time constraints. Think of them as fake wedding photos. Pro Image’s portfolios are 100% comprised of wedding photos taken on and during actual wedding days from real clients.

Real Reviews: You can trust the reviews that appear on Pro Image's site as being authentic. Most of our client reviews are culled from WeddingWire, an independent third-party verified source. A few reviews were provided to Pro Image via email direct from the client.

Real Happy Clients: Please see our reviews page. These are real reviews from real Pro Image clients.

How would you describe Pro Image’s style?

Compared to other photographers, Pro Image’s colorful style really stands out. We produce beautiful colors using proprietary software settings during post production. These settings give a certain true-to-life look to each photo that isn’t offered by many other wedding photographers.

Does Pro Image have liability insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured. Some venues require all vendors who will be working onsite during the wedding day to have insurance. Our insurance gives added flexibility for us to photograph at any wedding venue.

What would you say is Pro Image's specialty?

Although we are very competent in capturing all phases of a busy wedding day, one area we standout is our guest candid portraits. Over and over again we get request to capture our client's wedding guest. We are not aware of any other photographers that have a Wedding Guest portfolio on display.